Laptop Compter Shortcut:

If your computer has a camera, microphone and speakers, follow this Shortcut, by clicking on the button at the right.  It will take you directly to "the door of our virtual waiting room."  You will fill in the information to "enter the waiting room."  Before your first visit, download the software and will check the camera, microphone and speaker settings.  You can skip the download for all visits after the first (on the same computer).   

Detailed Set-Up Instructions:

Mobile Device. To use a Mobile Device (smartphone or tablet) for TeleMedicine, download the "VSee Clinic" app, then launch the app.  The Room Code is "Sound Clinical."  Type in your information then "Enter the Waiting Room."  (click button at right for instructions)

Laptop Computer.  To use a Laptop Computer, you will type a specific URL into the search bar of a web browser:

There, download the needed software and check the camera, microphone and speaker settings.  (click button at right for instructions)


The Full Explanation about TeleMedicine: 

Sound Clinical Medicine, PS is open during the Covid-19 pandemic.  If you have already established yourself as a patient of this clinic, you can have a TeleMedicine visit with Dr. Michael Wingren or with Physician Assistant Julia Cathcart-Chang.

Technology provides a new way to have a Medical Appointment, and requires some advance preparation.  

Computer Requirements: camera, speakers and microphone.  The computer you use for the TeleMedicine visit needs to have a camera, microphone and speakers.  These features may be built-in (for example, these are usually present in laptop computers and tablets) or you may need to obtain a camera and microphone and plug them in to the computer through USB ports.  

VSee Clinic works on Android devices and on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices with ioS 11.0 or later.  

Schedule an appointment.  Call the Clinic to schedule your TeleMedicine appointment.  Then, follow the steps listed below, to set up your Technology.  On the day of our TeleMedicine appointment, at least 10-15 minutes before your appointment time, please sign in to the app or go to the URL and wait in the "virtual waiting room." 

Payment.  TeleMedicine is supported by many insurance companies, Medicare, and the Department of Labor and Industries.  We also accept payment by credit card.